September 23 2013

Hey Family!!!

So I have too much to say this week but here goes nothing! JT got baptized!!! I am so happy for him and the decisions he made which I might add were not easy! Exactly one month to the day that we met him he was baptized! He asked me to baptize him and I was so honored and of course I said yes! We had over 50 to 60 people show up and it was awesome! The Spirit was so strong and he was so nervous but he was so happy and I said, “So JT, how do you feel?” He said, “I don’t know, I feel all good and tingly everywhere” Haha I was so happy to tell him that feeling was The Holy Ghost and God telling him how proud and grateful He is that JT took that step! We are planning a movie night at the Remington’s theater to watch Forever Strong 🙂 haha of course it approved!!! President Gelwix is the coach 🙂 haha I will let you know when it happens!

We have made little to no progress with Patricia so we are taking it as it comes with her and with Anthony and his boys, Elder Read came on exchanges as I led the area here for a few days and we had two lessons in a row with him and his boys so that was really cool! I committed them all to baptism and they accepted so now it’s time to see what happens there! We went to see them yesterday but didn’t find them home so we turned around and saw a guy with his garage open and we said lets go talk to him! We did and we have an appointment with Joe tomorrow night 🙂 haha We said a prayer and he felt the spirit and we told him we have a way for him to always feel that so he really wanted us to teach him how and his wife passed away last year so he’s been having a hard time. I bet his wife is one of the ones who is going to try to help him feel her Spirit to know she wants him to choose the right because she knows the truth already. I can’t wait!

So dad, have fun scouting for deer! That will be so cool! Pack lots of peaches! Haha I used a peach not a watermelon but maybe I should try it out 🙂 haha Love the story about Chester haha

Mom thank you so much for everything you said 🙂 I love you so much! I can’t wait to see all the pictures!!! I am glad Whitni loves it haha thank you for telling me 🙂 Tell me how dinner goes when you go out 🙂 Remember how grateful I am for you and for your love! Thank you for sending my journal too btw!!! I love you!!! 🙂

Taylor family in Provo!!! I love you all and hope all is well! Thank you for telling me about your experiences and how they have helped you for now! Yes I serve my companion! Haha every way that I can! We hardly have any struggles ever at all and its great haha

To everyone else!!! Share the gospel!!! 🙂 There is nothing greater than the feeling you get after sharing and testifying!!!! Just do it!!! If you’re having a rough time, read Psalms 70 and 71 and why not 72. I like one of those the most but I’ll let you choose your favorite 🙂

Oh and transfers is this Wednesday! I am not moving but we are bringing more missionaries in and a few are staying with us for a week or two!

Love you all so much!

Elder Taylor


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