October 21 2013

So how is the heat still? Several people from my ward and branch have traveled to AZ and said it was really hot still! That’s how it usually but the weather here is perfect, just saying 🙂

So this week has been really good and several miracles have occurred!!! I have been on my Codeine so we have been on the bikes A LOT more since I shouldn’t drive and one night we were sitting on our bikes deciding which person to go see and I still don’t know if it was the drugs or the spirit but i just said, ” Hey Elder Scoffield, lets go to the park!” ha-ha I said it kind of weird he said but after thinking about it he agreed and on the way there we met Brian and Carolina and she was born in the church, Brian wasn’t and they were married a year and a half ago and have two cute little girls and they have been wanting to introduce them to the church but never acted upon it. We are meeting with them tomorrow at 6! 🙂

During church a man came in named Randy and he has been going through a lot of trials and being apart from his little girl, he wants to get back on track and his buddy Brandon from Florida said go get a blessing of comfort and go meet with a bishop! So he is meeting with Bishop Whetstone on Tuesday at 6:30 and we meet with him that same night at 7 at the church and he asked me on Sunday to give him a blessing so I gave my first blessing as a missionary. It was kind of a nervous feeling at first but it was really cool. So he is coming to church for sure next Sunday at 9 🙂

Patricia is still very stubborn and we are trying to get her to come to church but wont. We aren’t forcing her cause it’s totally her choice but we keep inviting her and she replies… What did you eat today?? Ha-ha she is very nice and funny but we are doing are best. I think she enjoys being mad at God cause then she doesn’t have to do anything so she may just need time learning more!

Bro. Perry and Bro. Schupp both have been coming to church for years but aren’t members, yet 🙂 we have to work sneakily and very quietly to teach them and help them understand why they need to be baptized but we are doing our best. I am just loving them and showing that in every action.

Kyle Anderson was just confirmed yesterday so I stood in the circle for his blessing at that was of course a wonderful experience!!! 🙂 I am so happy for him! He called us this week and left us a voicemail and said for the first time, “Hey Elders, It’s Brother Anderson!” hahaha it was really cool 🙂

My whopping cough is still going like the energizer bunny basically… The drugs have helped me not cough but when i stop taking it, it comes back… ha-ha who knows!!!! Lol I will be scheduling another appointment this week hopefully on Thursday! I will have Sister Besser call and update you after i see him! Please call and tell Whitni and let her know after Sister Besser calls you, I know she has been waiting to hear about it all too when I see the doctor. Thank you 🙂

Well that about sums up our week for the major miracles. I know there were a few others but my mind won’t let me remember them right now. OH! Dinner with the Ash family on Thursday! They have a friend who was divorced recently who used to want to take the missionary lessons but it never worked out but she is coming to dinner and is very excited and wants to meet us so we will see what happens there as well!

Giovanni still believes in demons and that we could be demons and al about the spirit giants. It’s confusing. He used to be a Jehovah’s Witness before they kicked him out and now he has those ways engrained into his mind. I can see him trying but I don’t know how much he is into it. He keeps the copy of the BOM on the old broken refrigerator outside… Ugh, oh well. Not much I can do about that but keep trying!

I love you guys! Thank you for all that you do and for your love and support! TO those who have been praying for me, thank you! I need your prayers and I am thankful to you all who recognize the power of pray, it is real. I know Our Savior died for us and that through His resurrection we can all live with Our Father in Heaven again, and that through Him ALL things are mediated, hence why He is the Mediator of all things. I know He lives and loves us and that we can be with our families together forever through the beautiful sealing powers of Heaven that are performed in His Holy House, The Temple. I testify of the truth of these things in the name of Our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Taylor

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