November 18 2013

Hey family!

Thank you for all your emails this week 🙂 I really felt so happy to hear about some of the things you shared! Dad, I’m proud and happy for you to be part of the Gilbert temple tours! Mom, thank you again for the oils! They are helping my stress and I really appreciate it! Love you 🙂 Cameron I said it already but I love you and keep moving forward and enjoying school! Brittney!!! Thank you? Haha you said you like your Spanish white man? Haha interesting? Haha I didn’t understand it lol but I love you too 🙂 haha

So we have received only a few new investigators but one of them Katrina is stellar! She has met with us a few times and has told her parents about meeting with us. Her dad isn’t happy but her mom supports her so that’s good! She has been wide eyed to hear more ever since we first met with her. She really has gained a quick testimony of the Spirit and she feels it every time we meet with her.

Anthony and his boys have some more potential to reach! The boys are awesome but Anthony is holding them back with his lack of committing so we are doing our best to help him see that his boys need him.

Everything else is still the same just about! I love you all muchas and I am grateful for all the love and support from everyone 🙂 It is very much appreciated!!!


Elder Taylor


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