December 9 2013

Hello yall!

So as the title states Christmas time is near! I can’t help but to ask each of you, where is your baby Jesus? In the Mormon Message “Christmas Spirit” their baby Jesus is found at the bottom of their storage rack, not inside the box of Christmas items that you can see strung out all over the floor. They had set Him aside and set Him for not beneath all. They were not focused on the true meaning of Christmas until their little girl found the baby Jesus and her dad helped her to get it out. How far away is He from your heart? Do you cross him out and say X-Mas or do you focus on Him the reason for it all and remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas?

It has been a wonderful week! We went up to Sonora for a few days and cleaned up several names off the branch lists that shouldn’t be there and had progress with someone who has never wanted to go to church but he asked for a blessing and said he is going to come to church this next Sunday so I’m really excited to see him come! Also while we were up there we had a White Christmas with a ton of snow!!! It was really bad on the roads but I made our Toyota corolla two wheel drive car back when the 4 wheel drive jeep couldn’t even make it back so I was kind of proud of myself haha

Amari has been really busy so we haven’t seen him much. We feel like he is definitely prepared but he has had a lot of distractions and for a kid 14 years old with new friends and new video games it can be rough but he is a solid kid and loves the feeling he gets at church with all the people.

We are headed up to Sonora again on Tuesday night until Wednesday afternoon and we have our Christmas Conference with President up here at our stake center pn Thursday so we are very excited for that!

We had a wonderful conference on Saturday With Elder Bruce Porter of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy! He was a very good speaker! He referenced a song, “I Did It My Way” that only Elder Perez and I knew so that was awesome but he was very deep and descriptive in the life and story of our Savior Jesus Christ. I have again a greater love and testimony of The Savior. I also stood to ask him a question and boy was my heart pounding!!! It was a stellar question and he answered it for about 10 minutes so it was really neat.

I love you all so much! The work here really has been up and down but we have been steadily working with many people and in hopes that we may bring some of these souls, sons and daughters of God, unto Him. I leave you with my testimony that I know this is the true restored Gospel on the Earth today. What other church teaches its people by having them teach? That is the way Christ taught and so His church does that to this very day. I know He suffered for us all and He loves us dearly and if we will reach out to Him He already has His hands extended that we may be cleansed from our sins. We can come back to His fold literally no matter how far some of us may have strayed. There is hope no matter how dim the light may seem. That light edifies so hold onto it and it will grow brighter and brighter. D&C 50:23-25 I know that those things we have been promised by God will come true that we can life with Him again forever if we will yet but do what He has asked and learn of Him and going to church and attending the temple and keeping the covenants we make with Him, I know we all have the opportunity to be with Him again someday. I love you all and I love this gospel and I leave you with these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Elder Brandon Earl Taylor


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