August 28 2013

He went to the temple so he didn’t have as much time to email this week.

Hey family!!! I love you and miss you all so much!!!


I am so grateful for allthe pictures you sent me!!! 🙂 You all look so happy!!! and yet I’m not there…. haha jk I know that the eternally unity of the new Taylor couple is something that is of great rejoicing! 🙂 I am so happy for you two! You will be blessed for eternity and I couldn’t imagine a better match for either of you 🙂


The work here has picked up greatly! We have 4 new investigators since last week and have a goal to commit 2 of them to baptism by next week because they are ready! Kyle, Melina, Tiffany, JT, and Archie are all so close it feels like! They are all from the YSA except JT who walked in on our lesson because he moved in that day from Texas to move in with his family but he isn’t a member and I talked to him about coming to church and he said he is coming on Sunday but isn’t a member yet 🙂 hahaha perfect! And then Kyle is slowly getting there. We helped his family move a ton of stuff just his dad and Elder Scoffield and myself with a 24 foot U-Haul… I was so tired after! But the parents want us to come back and talk to them too which is great! Melina was a referral and she’s from Iran and we are going to start the first lesson on Friday, I already committed her to baptism when we contacted her haha but she didn’t say no 🙂


So Elder Scoffield’s license expired and I don’t have driving permission and to be honest we haven’t ridden the bikes yet! haha I’ve been dying to its so nice!!! hahaha I love my bike 🙂 but tomorrow is leadership training so we are going down to Fresno where I will take the driving course so I can drive our car from now on and well I can’t go to the leadership training I don’t think so I will be helping Elder Williams file for like 8 hours or more… hahaha funnnn 🙂


So the ward Deep Pit Pig Roast was a blast and we were able to eat our food after about an hour because so many people were talking to us and we actually got a few referrals out of it which was great! And the food was good and the cow wrangling or whatever you call it was cool 🙂 I have to team teach the 1st lesson in English (my first time in English) and I only had 15 minutes to prepare so i had to translate the first vision in my head cause I only know it in Spanish and well i did a direct translation towards the end of it.. But, The Spirit was definitely still there 🙂 I t was in front of about 25 people at the other Elders investigators baptism so yeah I was slightly nervous but Elder Scoffield was kind of shocked cause he said it sounded like I have everything down as if I had been on a mission for several years so that was cool 🙂 haha


Well anyways I love you guys and I hope all is well at home!!! I will send my SD card soon! I love you muchas! 🙂


Your son, brother, and friend forever!


Elder Taylor 🙂


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